Project Mum, Dad, take care, work
abbreviation MATAPE, registration number: CZ.1.04/3.4.04/76.00245

“Educating and empowering local women to start a positive change in society.”

Brief description of MATAPE:
NGO, town Holice and private company change stereoptype disadvantaging parents as employees. Did you know that you are developing valuable managerial skills while taking care of your child? We are helping mothers change their situation on labor market by changing their attitude and perspectives. Women are able to review their life experience, learn new skills and make future plans in our training courses and during coaching sessions. We also inspire companies to change their approach to employees who take care of their families.

Issues addressed:
Czech women stay on maternity leave in average for 3 years with each child. Sterotype that women who take care of their children lose their professional value, their own underestimating and lack of flexible jobs lead to long-term unemployment of women after maternity leave and worsening of situation for families. The project MATAPE increases potential of women in an innovative way (combination of full-time education, e-learning, webinars and coaching) and participants are guided in personal development towards taking responsibility for their own life. We also encourage changes in attitudes of employers. Via gender audits employers obtain practical recommendations how to implement flexible forms of work. Short film (project output) about employers helps change perception of working parents in general public. We believe that self-confident women, who get the chance to decide about the amount of their workload and keep the balance between family and work, can be positive agents of families and consequently create change in society. From the economic point of view the potential of economically inactive mothers in the CR is estimated at 5.2 billion CZK.

From idea to realisation
Five women united by a common idea to create a space for meeting and educating of children and parents. Thirty-three people dedicated more then 2500 hours of voluntary work to establishing Family and Educational Center Holoubek of Regional Charity Pardubice. TV spot from the Center can be seen on The same team created project Mum, Dad, Take Care and Work. The realization period of the project is from September 2012 to June 2015. In Holice we came up with original idea to connect our nonprofit organization, state administration - town Holice and a company RPIC Pardubice in a partnership. We cooperate with the Labour Office, University of Hradec Králové and more than 15 companies. Two main areas of key activities are: educating, counselling and coaching of adults and consultancy for employers. Outputs of the project will be shared with 300 centers through the Network of Mother Centres and will be presented at Regional conference on 15/5/2014 and in the Forum of HR professionals. On 28/6/2013 TV station V1 broadcasted a report about the project. The project attracts attention of regional politicians. Our greatest pleasure is the help to individuals and companies.

What: training courses for citizens and gender miniaudits for employers.

Three-month training courses for citizens include:

a) Personal development - Communication, Presentation Skills, Analysis of Personal Potential, Assertiveness, Work-Life balance, Time Management , Stress Management, How to Write CV, How to Succeed at the Job Interview, Labour Law, Psychology of Image, How to Prepare Children for Nursery, Media Literacy, Financial Literacy, Emotional Intelligence, How to Start Business, How to Confront Gender Stereotypes.

b ) Computer skills - Word, Exel, PowerPoint, Google Apps

c ) English - It is possible to attend English courses only.

Participants are offered and use up to 5 hours of individual coaching each.

How: Experience based training courses are organised for groups of 12 participants. The training series also include workshops open for public (up to 25 people). Participation in the project is free of charge, including babysitting.

Where: Courses take place in the Family and Educational Center Holoubek, Dudychova 782, Holice, Czech Republic and two weekend trainings take place in recreational centers.

When: Courses take place in three-month series, September to November 2013, January-March 2014 April-June 2014, September-November 2014, January to March 2015, usually on Mondays and Wednesdays.

Goals of the project

103 people attend training courses and 53 of them successfully. 70% of participants confirm improvement of their communication skills and self confidence. 10 participants change their workload according to their needs or start their own business.

5 employers from the region implement at least 1 arrangement leading to better work-life balance of employees. We will increase the awareness of work- life balance of 10 employers. 40% of employers that take part at the project change their attitude towards work-life balance issues

Current status

In the middle of the project (January 2014) we have already supported 86 people out of 103 planned participants of training courses. Gender audits for employers and all other key project activities are underway according to schedule, we have accomplished 5 out of 10 planned gender audits, 3 organisations have been certified family-friendly company. Project output 1 - manual on work-life balance is being distributed, output 2 - 20 minute spot about employers has been filmed. From January to March we are in the 4th series of courses with 12 women improving their soft skills, PC skills and English. During the coaching sessions the participants work on setting and reaching their own goals and acceptance of personal responsibility for their lives.

We can see the positive change in lives of individual people and families. We perceive that the owners and HR managers of companies are gradually changing paradigms related to work-life balance. Our project team gained a lot of valuable experience that we would like to use in an international project from 2015.

What is interesting about our project

"The skills gained by bringing up children in a respectful way, can be easily transfered to work later."

Very surprising and new finding for many participants is how many skills and how much knowledge acquired by carrying out parental role can be easily transfered to work environment just by being aware of them and knowing appropriate terms. Work and family are not two parallel worlds but one where the two parts are blended. The world-famous HR manager Rostya Gordon Smith who was a guest of final conference of 3rd series of courses confirms: “We gain valuable managerial skills on paternity leave”.

Target groups

a) employers

b) women returning to labour market after maternity leave or after taking care of dependant member of family

c) men in similar situation as women with small children

d) women starting their own business

e) employees

f) unemployment offices in CR


Královéhradecký Region Czech Republic

Pardubický Region Czech Republic


Town Holice

Regional Informational and Consultancy Center Pardubice s.r.o.


This educational project CZ.1.04/3.4.04/76.00245 of RVC Holoubek Oblastní charity Pardubice has been funded by ESF through HREOP and through state budget of the Czech Republic.